Luxury Bed Makers In Devon

Our small team of bed makers in Devon have been producing luxury beds and mattresses for over a decade. Using only the finest natural materials, we handcraft each and every product from beginning to end. This includes hand filling our mattresses with Dartmoor wool from our own family sheep farm. Creating luxury is at the heart of what we do, and all our mattresses can be custom made to suit your needs. Whether ordering premium mattresses for a hotel or your own home, we can produce shapes and sizes of all kinds. We also manufacture pocket sprung divan bases, wool-filled duvets and pillows, as well as custom bed legs and headboards to complete the look. Contact our Devon bed makers today to discuss our range, place an order, or join our exclusive list of retailers.

About Us

Our family comes from a century-long line of experienced sheep farmers. As such, we are proud to be the only UK luxury bed makers to supply 100% of their own wool. Our heritage is what motivates and inspires our luxury handcrafted products. Learn more about our manufacturing process and quality materials.

Hotel Partners

Hotels and guesthouses are where we go for relaxation and respite. Therefore, guests expect an exceptional night’s sleep. As a result, we have a growing list of hotel partners using Enchanted House beds to ensure their visitors receive just that. From right here in Devon to Dublin Ireland, our mattresses can be tried and tested throughout the UK.
Hotel Collection

Luxury Mattresses

Our luxury mattresses use only the best natural materials including home produced, certified Dartmoor wool, cashmere, silk, Egyptian cotton and British steel pocket springs. Take a look at our mattress range, all of which can be produced to your chosen specifications.

Find A Retailer

If you wish to order an Enchanted House Bed you can find a retailer here. Alternatively, contact us directly if you would like to join our exclusive list of stockists.
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Luxury Divans

Handcrafted and made-to-order, our luxury divan beds are finished in stylish and lavish fabrics in a multitude of colours and designs. Our bespoke beds can be tailored to suit any interior design plan and we will work with you to achieve the perfect look for your property.

Finishing Touches

Complete your tailor-made bed(s) with our finishing touches designed to add a final flourish. From wool-filled duvets and pillows to regulate temperature and envelope you in comfort, to striking hand-turned bed legs and headboards that create a memorable visual impact!
Bed Accessories

Why Choose Us?

Contact Enchanted House Beds

Let us enchant you with our superior range of mattresses, divans and bed accessories designed to take good sleep to brand new depths. If you would like more information on our quality products then contact our bed makers in Devon today!
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